Friday, December 14, 2012

You Can Blame Guns All You Want

Today a tragedy unfolded which will no doubt go down in our nation's history as one of the most heartbreaking and bloodiest massacres in modern times. Almost 30 people, mostly children between the ages of 5 and 10 were sprayed with bullets and killed by an unstable individual who wanted to kill his mother. Further details will unfold in due time I'm sure, but with no surprise what immediately followed was the question of who to point the finger at? You can blame guns all you want. The same things are said after every massacre; gun laws aren't tough enough, ban assault weapons, ban handguns etc etc. We've heard it all before. We hear where were the parents at? And that the perpetrator was from a broken home etc etc. You can tighten up gun regulation as much as you want or even take away all the guns in the country and it still wont solve the problem. That would be like putting duct tape over a high pressure water main. Sooner or later, the pressure will build up again and lead to another explosion. The fact of the matter is, if someone wants to kill people that person will figure out a way to do it and laws are only there for the people willing to abide by them. Humans have been killing each other for thousands of years, well before there were guns. Guns aren't the problem, broken homes aren't the problem, lack of security isn't even the problem. The blame can be pointed at two things and two things only. 

First and foremost the blame lies on the gunman himself. There's no doubt in anyone's mind that what Adam Lanza did was evil. Whatever drove him to kill innocent people is irrelevant to the fact that his actions were evil. 

And the second thing to point a finger at... 

Well, just take a look in a mirror.

That's right. You. Me. All of us. And why? Because we continuously prove time and time again that tragedies sell newspapers and boost ratings. Nine times out of ten the tragic will outsell the good. We might wonder why someone would choose to go on a rampage if they wanted to kill themselves since that is always the ultimate outcome for these types of people. And the answer is because they know people will be watching

Millions of them.

One of the first things that get the blame on this is society. Well guess what, you make up society. I make up society. Society is just a way to blame yourself without actually saying so you don't feel guilty. Ever since serial killers became celebrities the body count has risen. Did you know that Richard Ramirez, or also known as the Night Stalker killer received thousands of nude pictures from his female fans? That's what we've turned the most depraved criminals in our society into. So it becomes a contest of sorts for someone on the verge of an extreme mental snap who's thinking about killing people. The more people they kill, the more media attention is put on it. The more people get to see them and know about them. There's so much pressure to be somebody in this world and that's the way they can do it because we make them that somebody. Why stop at killing yourself and be a loser nobody when you can go on a rampage and be famous? Murderers are caught and put in jail on a daily basis. It's only after they've killed several people, or entire families before you hear about it outside of your local region and the reason why is because it sells. It's not capitalism's fault, it's our fault. When we see negative stimuli it makes us feel better about ourselves because we don't have it as bad but when we see something positive happen to others it makes us jealous that that good thing isn't happening to us so we turn it off when we see it. We're so willing to point the finger at everyone but ourselves but it's about time we had some personal accountability. 

I'm willing to take accountability for what I have contributed to this. I'm no more innocent than anyone else out there. Writing this blog proves it. But so does reading it. I wish I could apologize but to apologize means that you intend not to repeat the action for which you are apologizing for, something I think a lot of us forget. But I know that the next time there's a tragedy I'll tune in and watch and listen for the details just like millions of other Americans do. 

I'm willing to take accountability. Are you?

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  1. While I agree with the point of media playing a major role in events like this, and perhaps perpetuating them, it is just one of many sides. People like serial killers and tragedies like this are never black and white or simple - there are many factors.